May 21st, 2018 by Kelab Budaya Tarian

Date: 21/4/2018 (Saturday)

Time: 10.30a.m.-12.00p.m.

Venue: PJK studio

Attendance: 80.77% (42/52)

Teacher Advisor: Puan Siti Hawa

Unconsciously, we already got the ninth meeting. In this meeting, our president taught us a song that is heartbeat from Tik Tok (抖音).

This song is very popular and the dance is choreographed by our president! ! We felt very shocked about that because this choreography is nice but short.

After that, we were separated into different groups and we need to create our own dances with the different songs from Tik Tok (抖音). All of us were very exciting while listening to the songs chosen.

We had a leader in each group, everyone was having fun when we discussed about our choreography in a short time around 15 minnutes.

At 11.45a.m., each group performed in front of every member.

Finally, one of the group who dance 海草歌 won with a pack of snacks, Twister.

In this meeting, we felt very interesting because the president gave us a chance to choreograph our own songs. This is a precious chance and time to everyone.

I really hope that our club can produce more innovation opportunities for all of the club members. So that the members won’t feel boring and can have a chance to ourselves ! !

Take more CHANCES, dance more DANCES ! ! !

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