May 30th, 2018 by Kelab Budaya Tarian

Date: 26/5/2018 (Saturday) Time: 12.00a.m.-3.00p.m. Venue: Main Hall Attendance: 92.31% (48/52) Teacher Advisor: Puan Cheah Phaik Hoon Today is a special day to everyone. We had the Merentas Desa 2018, and also had a dance workshop in this year. In the morning, 4 of the ajks were leading all the students and participants to warm […]

May 21st, 2018 by Kelab Budaya Tarian

Date: 21/4/2018 (Saturday) Time: 10.30a.m.-12.00p.m. Venue: PJK studio Attendance: 80.77% (42/52) Teacher Advisor: Puan Siti Hawa Unconsciously, we already got the ninth meeting. In this meeting, our president taught us a song that is heartbeat from Tik Tok (抖音). This song is very popular and the dance is choreographed by our president! ! We felt […]